Date: 27 February, 2017

Targeted Damage Building Report - Park Hotel Lambton Quay 

The 14 November 2016 Kaikoura earthquake resulted in a long duration shaking exceeding the code demand for selective period ranges in some parts of Wellington.

A range of criteria of building profile or types have been identified that may be vulnerable to damage in further aftershocks. The building at 101 The Terrace (Park Hotel Lambton Quay) was identified as a potential structure that requires a Target Damage Evaluation as it has one of the following characteristics:

· A reinforced-concrete frame, couple with precast concrete flooring
· Is typically 8-15 storeys or flexible frames
· Sited on soft soil or ground characteristics that might amplify ground shaking

We would like to reassure you after the further inspection has been taken on 7 February 2017; the observed damage is considered minor and does not materially change the building’s capacity to resist future earthquake events. Park Hotel Lambton Quay has been re assessed following the quake and rated at 100% (Seismic Grade A+) of the New Zealand Building Standard Code.

Based on the inspection report, New Zealand Consulting Engineers have carried out an ‘invasive’ inspection of key structural elements of the building. The building overall performed well during the Kaikoura earthquake. There are no further investigations recommended at this stage. 

A copy of the Targeted Damage Evaluation Report can be downloaded here.

A copy of the Official Letter of the report can be downloaded here.
Park Hotel Lambton Quay

Date: 14 December, 2016

New Buildings Standard Report

We would like to reassure you the Park Hotel Lambton Quay has been re assessed following the quake and rated at 100% (Seismic Grade A+) of the New Zealand Building Standard Code. The building is an excellent example of capacity design techniques of its era. The ductility of the lateral force resisting system allows for movement and elongation of the beams, however. Thus, while building collapse is not a concern we would still expect damage in the form of cracking of slabs and deformation and cracking of beams during a code-level earthquake.

A copy of the New Buildings Standard Report can be downloaded here.

Rapid Seismic Assessment Report after Kaikoura Earthquake

Park Hotel requested inspection of the building at 101 The Terrace, Wellington, following the 14th November 2016 magnitude 7.8 earthquake centred 15 kilometres north-east of Culverden, referred to as the Kaikoura Earthquake.

a) No signs of structural damage were visible from external inspection of the building.
b) No obvious damage to the cladding or glazing externally.
c) Close inspection of the structural elements indicates no obvious structural issues.
d) There are non-structural damage to plaster board linings within the stairwells, and around the lift openings.
e) A recently complete bar/restaurant at the Terrace level was inspected and found to suffer no damage to the fit-out components.

Based on the inspection report, the existing seismic strength of the building has not altered as a result of this earthquake. The buildings can be re-occupied, however note that any decision made to re-occupy the building should be based on the findings of this report together with any prior knowledge of the seismic risk of the building and any relevant legislative obligations such as the Health and Safety in Employment Act.

A copy of the Rapid Seismic Assessment Report is available online here.

Park Hotel Lambton Quay